The human mind is the shadow of the Lord on our planet with unlimited & undiscovered qualities up until now when the tool is science based on many uncountable factors. In the history of man, we have been witnessing geniuses with remarkable talents who set the light on human's life during the passage of history in all branches of science, art, etc with their inventions, explorations, books and also the students they trained to follow their path, some times during their lives and many times after that.

A bit more than a century ago a new field of art was born: Cinema. Following that art of animation to entertain people, especially the innocent souls of children. The man who achieved this honour as the absolute master of this field is Walt Disney. That is why I dedicate this website to this great genius whose works still touch our souls. All the cartoons, black and white works here are my own and I keep working to reach the level of professionality in this reputed field. 

Kian William Nowrouzian